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Interview with Patricia K. Coyle: Improvement in patient-reported outcomes with Teriflunomide: Week 24 interim results from the US Cohort of the Teri-PRO Phase 4 Study


Professor Coyle explained that Teri-PO is a global phase IV post-marketing study. This is a real world analysis of patients who start with teriflunomide. There are about 1000 patients in Teri-PRO worldwide, about half (545) in the USA.  This is the 24 week or 6 month report.

According to Professor Coyle, two major features were highlighted. The first was the patient reported outcome with regard to treatment satisfaction as evaluated at 4 weeks. About 30% of the USA patients were not on a prior disease modifying therapy. The other 70% were; in those cases, their treatment satisfaction was evaluated at baseline and then at 4 weeks. In addition, there is a 24-week or 6 month patient reported analysis of their disability state with regards to their MS performance scale.

Professor Coyle reported that the main result was that teriflunomide was well rated and well tolerated. There was very high patient satisfaction. This applied to patients who had previously been untreated and to patients who had switched. In all domains the patients reported that they were very pleased with the medication. By and large the patient reported degree of disability was completely stable at 6 months. No significant proportion of patients reported that they were worse. Side effects were completely as expected, with a drop-out rate of only 9% due to adverse events.

Professor Coyle and her colleagues were looking forward to the full one year data and the total global analysis.

This interview has been recorded at ECTRIMS 2015, October 2015, Barcelona, Spain.