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Interview with Dr. Samuel Ludwin: Mitochondrial abnormalities and cytokine dysregulation in MS


Dr. Ludwin highlights sessions from ACTRIMS Forum 2016. Mitochondrial abnormalities contribute to axonal pathology in MS. Additionally, there is some research in overcoming these deficits as a therapeutic option. There are a variety of preclinical models to look into this issue as well.

Dr. Ludwin also discussed cytokine dysregulation in patients with secondary progressive MS. There are efforts underway to identify genomic-susceptibility to progressive MS. Dr. Ludwin also discussed the histopathology of progressive MS, and the importance of inflammation in disease progression. There are a variety of changes that occur in progressive disease including atrophy (decreased white matter).

Dr. Samuel Ludwin, Visiting Scientist, Montreal Neurologic Institute, McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This interview was recorded at ACTRIMS 2016, February 18-20, 2016, New Orleans, USA.