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Interview with Dr. Ari Green: The visual system as a means of visualizing repair and regeneration in MS


The visual system is a useful way to track the progression of MS in an individual patient. One of the challenges in clinical neurosciences is developing treatments for degenerative diseases. There have been many successes in the field of MS over the years due to increased understanding of the underlying biology combined with the development of MRI that allowed visualization of lesions. The challenges that remains are developing tools that allow research into the monitoring of repair and regeneration. The visual system might provide a means of visualizing repair and regeneration when combined with effective therapeutics. Dr. Green also discusses some of the potential targets for therapeutics that are in development including oligodendrocyte precursors to repair axons.

Dr. Ari Green, Professor of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA.

This interview was recorded at ACTRIMS 2016, February 18-20, 2016, New Orleans, USA.