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24th Annual Meeting of the European Charcot Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis' Treatment in Practice

The European Charcot Foundation is an independent non-profit organization. The foundation is sponsored by private organizations, multiple sclerosis societies and the industry. It establishes an interface between the pharmaceutical industries and the clinical world. Its collaborative base consists of 500 MS research institutes and 1500 MS investigators. Its aim is to advance Multiple Sclerosis research in Europe; its main activities include the organisation of symposia and teaching courses as well as the execution of clinical trials.

The meeting, which focuses on interaction between scientists and clinicians, addresses all health care professionals active in the field of MS. In this year’s meeting, the following topics will be covered:

  • Targets for Interventions
  • Lessons from Clinical Trials
  • Post Marketing Studies
  • Improving Assessments
  • Treatment Individualization
  • Monitoring and Treatment
  • Treatment Decisions
  • MS treatment in Women and Children
Nov 2016
Nov 2016

Address details

Grand Hotel Dino
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 20
28831 Baveno VB

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Baveno, Italy