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10th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)

In recent years the field of neurology has witnessed enormous expansion in clinical and basic data. Conferences are more informative but there is often only limited time for thorough discussion. Consequently a gap appears between the expansion of knowledge and its dissemination and use. CONy provides a platform for international experts to discuss and compare experiences.

CONy enables participants to discuss and debate unresolved issues with leading world experts. The Congress aims at providing the most available relevant data armoring the clinician with reliable, up-to-date scientific information, helping in everyday patient care.

The upcoming congress will feature several debates on Multiple Sclerosis (on 18 March):

  • Is NEDA a clinically relevant endpoint for therapeutic decisions?
  • My MRI worsened but I didn't. Should I change my disease-modifying treatment?
  • Is vitamin D a substantial disease modifier in patients with MS?
  • Placebo controlled trials in NMO are unethical and not needed
  • Patients with radiologically isolated demyelinating syndrome should be considered for MS disease modifying therapy
  • Should disease-modifying therapies be stopped in patients who have developed secondary progressive MS?
  • Anti B cell or non specific anti B+T therapy
  • Can we expect long-term clinical improvement through remyelination?
Mar 2016
Mar 2016

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Lisbon, Portugal