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Psychiatric Disorders in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Ana Claudia de Cerqueira, Patricia Semionato de Andrade, Jose Maurício Godoy Barreiros, et al.

Comprehensive Psychiatry, Volume 63, November 2015, Pages 10–14


The aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency of psychiatric disorders, particularly mood disorders and anxiety in an outpatient sample of patients with multiple sclerosis in Brazil, and correlate the result with sociodemographic and clinical data. Methods: Cross-sectional study, patients evaluated consecutively, for the clinical, demographic, prevalence of psychiatric disorders was used structured interview (MINI), severity of symptoms of depression and anxiety was used Beck inventory. Results: The prevalence of major lifelong depression in this population was 36.6%, and the risk of suicide was high. There was no detectable correlation between depression, degree of disability, or disease duration. 
Conclusion: The prevalence of mood disorders is high in MS. Depression is an important factor related to the risk of suicide and should be investigated systematically.